Sugar-Free Lemonade for One

Hi guys and girls!

Today I made the best discovery: Sugar-free lemonade!

It is so refreshing and tastes exactly like sugar filled lemonade😋.

The only sweetener is stevia.

Now for my life, finally it’s warm enough for swimming. My mom and I went to a store, and I got a pink doughnut floatie, it is really big and fun. My sister Jade got a big chocolate doughnut floatie. I wish they were real so we could eat them.

I also wrote an essay on watermelon. Here are some interesting facts I learned about watermelons:

  1. Watermelon is a fruit and a vegetable.
  2. There are 1,000 varieties.
  3. Some varieties are seedless.
  4. Historians have found evidence of watermelons grown in 2000 BC.
  5. China is the world’s largest producer of watermelons.

Well, that is all the news from my life, and don’t forget to try this lemonade!


1 cup of water

1/2 lemon (squeezed)

5-8 drops of stevia

2 ice cubes


Squeeze lemon.

Pour lemon and water in cup.

Add stevia and ice cubes.

Drink and enjoy.